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KAJINGDUN Pet Shampoo Dog Shampoo 500ml 狗狗沐浴露

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RM 19.90
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RM 25.00
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RM 19.90

宠物专用沐浴露 500ml
香味可持续一周或以上,请在购买后向我们的客服咨询 ♥️
有效 #驱虫止痒 #持久留香 #深层渗透 #温和不刺激 
【倘若皮肤病非常严重,可使用Maladerm Shampoo,可有效解决皮肤问题】

Pet shampoo that is formulated specifically for different breeds of dog and cats.
Made from premium plant extract from aloe vera and coconut oil + water-soluble wheat protein.
Aloe vera extract helps keep the skin moist and repair skin.

Coconut oil + water-soluble wheat protein helps cleanse the skin gently and nourish the fur and skin.

Capacity:  500ml
Weight: 0.5kg
Expiry: 2 years

Comes in 4 varieties :
1. Applied to Any Dog 全犬通用
2. Poodle / Teddy 贵宾/ 泰迪
3. Golden Retriever & Labrador 金毛/ 拉布拉多犬
4. Pomeranian Special 博美专用  

🌻All breed of dog - Formulated for all breeds of dogs - For killing bacteria and flea and get rid of odor body smell.

🌻 All breed of cat - Specially formulated with plant extract, gentle natural formula so you don't have to worry your cat licking its own body after using this

🌻 Poodle - Specially design for brown hair poodle and teddy. Get rid of dirt and flea that makes the brown hair looks dull. This shampoo helps with brightening the brown fur of your lovely pet

🌻 Labrador/Golden retriever - Specially formulated for Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Golden and Labrador can get skin disease easily. This shampoo helps create a protective barrier on its skin and helps protect its skin from all kinds of bacteria and germs while getting rid of any existing germs and bacteria that causing skin irritation and excessive shedding.

🌻 Pomeranian - Specifically design for white hair Pomerania. Get rid of the dirt that is making the white fur yellowish and tear stain while deep cleansing to get rid of dirt and flea and tickles. 

another Cat Special Shampoo link: 

Storage :
Store below 30°C (Room temperature). Protect from light and moisture. Close lid tightly after use.

Order will be processed and shipped out within 48 hour.
Please leave a message to us if you need the product urgently.

1. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
2. The picture is of actual product but minor color different may be exist due to different light and monitor setting.

3. Goods sold are not refundable, exchangeable or refundable.

Thanks for your understanding. HAPPY SHOPPING 🎉♥️